2006215410 Glue Pot 2-006-21-5410 for Homag Brandt Edgebander

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Model Number: 2006215410 2-006-21-5410
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Used On: Edgebanding Machine Material: Metal
Size: 2006215410 2-006-21-5410 Name: Application Unit QA34 T=1,15 M.NUT

2006215410 Glue Pot 2-006-21-5410 for Homag Brandt Edgebander

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  • • Application unit QA34 T=1,15 M.NUT
  • • Glue pot for Homag KAL / KFL / Ambition



2006215410 Glue Pot 2-006-21-5410 for Homag Brandt Edgebander
This spare part is edgebander glue pot. It is widely used on Homag Brandt edgebanding machines. Homag OEM part number is 2006215410 or 2-006-21-5410. The glue pot is a very important part of any edge bander.


In the glue pot, the glue is heated to its final temperature and is led onto the glue roller by a conveyor device. A level sensor ensures that only the required amount of glue is melted.
glue pot with glue roller.jpg

The glue pot is one of the oldest systems of glue application at edgebanders. For many manufacturers, it is the standard glue system.
Melt adhesive granules are placed in a heated metal pot, which can be closed by a lid. This pot melts the granulate into liquid glue, which comes via a conveyor to the glue roller, which applies the adhesive to the edge and the edge band respectively. Continuous mixing prevents adherence at the seam of the glue pot.

glue pot for Homag edgebander.jpg

Gluepot regular maintenance is vitally important to the longevity of the glue pot.

Checklist to maximize your glue pot
1. Lubricate glue pot daily
2.Clean the glue pot regularly
3. Perform standard maintenance
4. Adjust strike plate gap
5. Check deflection
6. Adjust glue film thickness
7. Check glue film coverage
2006215410 glue pot.jpg

Replacement components for the glue pot are also available, such as a glue roller, seal ring, etc
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RicoCNC can offer a wide range of woodworking machines accessories for all European brands Biesse, Homag, Brandt, SCM, IMA, etc
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