Flat Grid Table vacuum pods for flat table cnc router

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Application: Matrix Table CNC Routers

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Flat Grid Table Vacuum Cups for Woodworking Matrix Table CNC Routers

A lot of CNC router users own flat table CNC, as it is fast and good for big sheet nesting, also cheaper than pod and rail CNC machines. But if you are machining custom parts made out of solid wood that requires machining on the side and bottom of the part, to process the side of the part with horizontal boring, machining, cutting, etc. A flat table can't perform those functions as easy.

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But now our flat table vacuum cups will allow your shop to do solid wood work or edge detail by raising the material off of the table. You can use your matrix table CNC router as pod and rail CNC router. CNC vacuum pods: CNC vacuum hold down block devices for CNC router vacuum table.

Grid Table Vacuum pods
grid table vacuum cups
Maximize the flexibility of your flat table with matrix table cups: use a rubber gasket seals a zone for the Flat Table Pod around the vacuum table hole area. Put the Grid and Flat Table Pods on the matrix table, there are iron strip to locate the vacuum pod. The bottom iron strip width have 6mm and 8mm for choose for your grid table grooves.

matrix table vacuum cups
Connect the CNC vacuum pods with the vacuum pump with 8mm diameter air pipe. When vacuum pump works, the vacuum pod clamps the flat table and the workpiece both tightly.
flat table vacuum cups
146x132x48mm full size flat table vacuum cup is the standard model.
Also can make into half size (1/2 Size): 75*132*48mm and 1/3 Size: 54*132*48mm
The height of the vacuum pods can be made as per your needs, such as 29mm, 74mm, etc.
Flat table vacuum cups
RicoCNC supplies a range of CNC vacuum pods for nearly all woodworking CNC routers, such as Biesse, SCM, Homag, Weeke, Anderson, Omnitech, Busellato, CMS, CR Onsrud, Format 4, Hendrick, Heian, HolzHer, Komo, Multicam, SCMI Morbidelli, Northwood, KDT, SNX, SCM Routech, Masterwood, Thermwood, Bacci, Excitech, Nanxing, & many more.

Matrix table vacuum cups
Spare parts for CNC router vacuum pods also are available here. If you are in need of any CNC vacuum cups or accessories, welcome to contact us.

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