Industrial Belt USA Drives Gates Polyflex Black V Belt 7M1220

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Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Gates Polyflex
Model Number: 7M1220
Minimum Order Quantity: 2pcs
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 1 workday
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Supply Ability: 10000pcs per month
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Application: Polyflex V-Belt Color: Black

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Industrial Belt USA Drives Gates Polyflex Black V Belt 7M1220

Industrial Belt Drives Gates 7M1220 Polyflex V-Belt

The Gates Polyflex® is a strong and compact belt has a nominal top width of between 3mm and 11mm. It transmits extra power and allows even higher speed ratios than other belts. Polyflex® is suited for the smallest diameter pulleys and most compact drives which have high rotational speeds. PolyFlex® is ideal for machine tools requiring high performance and a smoother operation in confined spaces. For example, bench mounted milling machines, lathes, spindle drives for wood work and metal work machines, computer peripherals and small sized blowers.

Gates® Polyflex® Belts provide a versatile power transmission solution when space is at a premium. Their unique 60° angle polyurethane construction transmits greater loads at higher speeds in less space than conventional V-belts.
Polyurethane is extremely resistant to heat, chemicals and oil
Temperature range: -65°F up to 185°F (-54°C up to 85°C)
Improves adhesion to the tensile cords
A partial listing of applications include machine tools, computer peripherals, medical equipment, library equipment, small appliances, blower drives and woodworking machines.

Polyflex Belt

Polyflex® Belts are available in 3M, 5M, 7M, and 11M cross sections.

GATES Poly V-Belt --3M
3m180 3m185 3m190 3m195 3m200 3m206 3m212 3m218 3m224 3m230 3m236 3m243 3m250 3m258 3m265 3m272 3m280 3m290 3m300 3m307 3m315 3m325 3m335 3m345 3m355 3m365 3m375 3m387 3m400 3m412 3m425 3m437 3m450 3m462 3m475 3m487 3m500 3m515 3m530 3m545 3m560 3m580 3m600 3m615 3m630 3m650 3m670 3m690 3m710 3m730

Gates Polyflex Belt--5M
5m280 5m290 5m300 5m307 5m315 5m325 5m335 5m345 5m355 5m365 5m375 5m387 5m400 5m412 5m425 5m437 5m450 5m462 5m475 5m487 5m500 5m515 5m530 5m545 5m560 5m580 5m600 5m615 5m630 5m650 5m670 5m690 5m710 5m730 5m750 5m775 5m800 5m825 5m850 5m875 5m900 5m925 5m950 5m975 5m1000 5m1030 5m1060 5m1090 5m1120 5m1150 5m1180 5m1220 5m1250 5m1280 5m1320 5m1360 5m1400 5m1450 5m1500 5m1600 5m1650 5m1850

Gates Polyurethane Belts--7M
7m400 7m410 7m500 7m515 7m530 7m545 7m560 7m580 7m600 7m615 7m630 7m650 7m670 7m690 7m710 7m730 7m750 7m775 7m800 7m825 7m850 7m875 7m900 7m925 7m950 7m975 7m1000 7m1030 7m1060 7m1090 7m1120 7m1150 7m1180 7m1220 7m1250 7m1280 7m1320 7m1360 7m1400 7m1450 7m1500 7m1550 7m1600 7m1650 7m1700 7m1750 7m1800 7m1850 7m1900 7m1950 7m2000 7m2060 7m2120 7m2180 7m2180 7m2240 7m2300

Transmission Gates V-Belts--11M
11M710 11M730 11M750 11M775 11M800 11M825 11M850 11M875 11M900 11M925 11M950 11M975 11M1000 11M1030 11M1060 11M1090 11M1120 11M1150 11M1170 11M1180 11M1200 11M1220 11M1250 11M1280 11M1320 11M1360 11M1400 11M1450 11M1500 11M1550 11M1600 11M1650 11M1700 11M1750 11M1800 11M1850 11M1900 11M1950 11M2000 11M2060 11M2120 11M2180 11M2240 11M2300
Polyflex V-Belt
Big Power for Small Spaces
Polyflex™ Belts were specially designed to transmit maximum power for a variety of small precision v-belt drive applications. The belt's ribs are designed to reduce bending stress on miniaturized drive components, while their 60° angle construction provides added support for even load distribution. This enable their use in high-performance, precision applications, accommodating shaft speeds in excess of 10,000 rpm.

Polyfelx Belts Features and Benefits:
Uniformity is ensured because the polyurethane compound is not layered but cast without overlaps for smooth running and low vibration
High Modulus Polyurethane compound (HMPE) resists fatigue, wear, ozone, and most environmental conditions
Precision casting eliminates layers and overlaps to enable low vibration operation
Ribbed backing provides greater lateral stability and relieves bending stress
Custom-made sheaves can be ordered through the Gates MachineWorks team.

A Material Difference
Every Gates® power transmission product is made at the leading edge of material science and manufacturing processes. Gates Polyflex™ Belts are precision cast, using our own proprietary process that forms the belt in a seamless, single layer. Their HDPE compound construction provides material properties that combine strength, flexibility, and high temperature tolerance. The result is a precision application belt that provides exceptional load-carrying capacity, application versatility, and durability.

V Belts Construction
Polyurethane compound, superior to conventional belt materials, offers high fatigue and wear resistance and a high friction coefficient. It also improves adhesion to the tensile cords.
Polyurethane is extremely resistant to heat, chemicals and oil.
Uniformity throughout Polyflex® is ensured because the polyurethane compound is not layered but cast as a single unit after the positioning of the tensile cords in the mould.
Ribbed top provides lateral rigidity without increasing bending stresses. The ribs also help to keep Polyflex® belts running cool.
60° angle results in better support of the tensile section, and provides a more even load distribution.

Gates Industrial Belts Advantages:
1, Design freedom and space savings which are not possible with conventional rubber construction belts.
2, Low maintenance cost as belt needs less re-tensioning.
3, Long belt life on compact drives.

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