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How to repair your old and damaged CNC vacuum pods

December 19, 2019

How to repair your old and damaged CNC vacuum pods

CNC pod and rail machining center

A Bit of Background:

CNC machining centers are becoming increasingly indispensable for the wood processing industry and woodworking shops. They are multifunctional, which can execute the various machining steps on the workpieces, like routing, drilling, separating, measuring, 3D processing, etc. Wood materials, such as plywood, particleboard or MDF panels, can be milled, sawed or sanded automatically and in series production. The material can be made into different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. CNC machining center for woodworking provides good solutions for manufacturing furniture, staircases, doors, windows, interior fittings, and other furniture components. It brings great convenience to furniture makers and improves productivity and efficiency. More and more manufacturers choose NC processing centers.

Ok. Now let's get to the point! CNC vacuum pod is the part of the workpiece clamping system of the CNC processing center with a console table or plain table. They are applied for CNC machining centers, CNC router and suitable for processing small size and high precision components, and also can support side machining. Using vacuum clamping technology, the vacuum pods for CNC are applied to the bottom of the workpieces to hold them securely in the place. You can have slabs raised from the table allowing working such as drilling or edges machining with a vacuum suction system.

So CNC router raised pod is a vital part for CNC pod and rail machining center. However, as a result of continuous clamping the workpiece, it inevitably wears out. Besides, the CNC seal pods are easily damaged by the cutting tools when processing because of operation errors and others. After they are damaged, so what should we do? Maybe you will say: throw away the old suction pods and get a new one! You are not wrong. But we have better answers.

CNC replacement rubber seals and pads

CNC vacuum cups consist of several components. That means you don't necessarily have to replace the entire CNC vacuum suction cup. In the case of minor damages, just exchange the suction plate or rubber gasket and quick repair them at a fraction of the cost, which can save the cost of your spare parts.
Now take 3 kinds of common CNC vacuum blocks for PTP machining center examples.

1. Biesse CNC vacuum pods

CNC pod and rail machining center

Biesse replacement pods are be widely used in Biesse pod and rail CNC for Biesse ROVER GOLD, ROVER GOLD G, ROVER K SMART, ROVER A, ROVER SMART, ROVER M5, ROVER B, ROVER C.

There are three different height 29mm, 48mm, and 74mm Biesse vacuum pods and two colors for option, brown color, and grey color. Brown color Biesse pods are widely used in the old Biesse machines and grey color ones are widely used in recent machines.

Biesse rover vacuum pods

Here are the available size of Biesse flat table pods:
74mm Biesse CNC vacuum pods:
Full pod: 132x146x74mm
Half pod (1/2 Size): 132x75x74mm
1/3 Size pod: 132x54x74mm
48mm vacuum pods Biesse
Full pod: 132x146x48mm
Half pod (1/2 Size): 132x75x48mm
1/3 Size pod: 132x54x48mm
Biesse 29mm CNC vacuum pods
Full pod: 132x146x29mm
Half pod (1/2 Size): 132x75x29mm

1/3 Size pod: 132x54x29mm

biesse CNC seal pods parts

From the photos, you can see Biesse suction cups are mainly made of 4 parts, including base body, bottom white locating ring, black ball valve, and soft rubber seal gasket. Usually, the base body is not easily damaged, but other parts are easy to wear and damaged. So if minor damages, just replace these small parts.

2. Schmalz series vacuum suction cups

vacuum pods for CNC

These console vacuum blocks are fitted to the following CNC machining centers Homag, Weeke, IMA and HOLZ-HER, Biesse, SCM, Morbidelli, Felder, Busselato, Reichenbacher, Masterwood, Houfek, Excitech CNC and many other.
Available dimensions for VCBL suction blocks
50mm height: 125x75x50mm, 140x115x50mm
100mm height: 125x75x100mm, 160x115x100mm
For this type of CNC vacuum suction cup, usually just to change the upper or bottom rubber suction plate in a vacuum block is enough when the blocks are damaged. The top and bottom suction rubber pads can be replaced fastly and easily without tools. Replacement suction plates for vacuum blocks are in different sizes for various machine table systems and adapt for all Schmalz vacuum blocks for the different product groups.

Available size for substitute rubber seals

CNC top rubber seal

Upper Schmalz suction plates:
125x75mm top rubber seal- Same as OEM P/N: 4-011-11-0079- Schmalz Equivalent -
125x75mm top-Same as OEM P/N: 4-011-11-0196
140x115mm top -Same as OEM P/N: 4-011-11-0071
160x115x17mm top- Same as OEM P/N: 4-011-11-0192
120x50 top- part no.:
130x30 top- part no.:
Bottom vacuum rubber pad cover:
140x115mm bottom rubber cover-part no.:
160x115mm bottom-Same as OEM P/N: 4-011-11-0340
160x115mm bottom- part no.:

3. SCM CNC vacuum hold down pods

CNC vacuum suction cup

These replacement vacuum cups are for SCM Morbidelli point to point CNC router machine.
Available size for Vacuum Block for SCM Morbidelli Console
SCM CNC pods 145X145 H=50mm Item code: 2937220763F

SCM clamping block 145 x 55mm H=50mm with Rotation

SCM clamping pods replacement

If your SCM clamping pods are damaged, it is not always necessary to replace the whole suction cup. You only need to replace the soft rubber gasket and the black bottom seal.

How to replace a new vacuum pod rubber gasket to your old vacuum block? Welcome to check:

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