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CAT40 vs BT40 3 Main Differences between BT40 and CAT40 Tool Holder

August 25, 2019

BT40 cat40 tool holder grippers

CAT40 vs BT40: 3 Main Differences between BT40 and CAT40 Tool Holder

BT40 tool holder looks very similar and can easily be confused with CAT40 tool holder. As we know, CAT is the American standard and BT is the later technology of Japanese standard. So what are the main differences between them? Please see the following technical specification.

CAT40 toolholder dimension drawings

BT40 dimension drawings

CAT40 VS BT40, there are 3 main differences:

CAT40 BT40 tool holders

1. The length of the taper is different. BT40 toolholder has a slightly shorter taper by about 4mm. This effectively reduces the contact area in the spindle and means BT uses longer studs. So two different studs for CAT40 and BT40 are needed.

cat40 bt40 tool holders flange

2. The style and thickness of the flange is different. BT40 tool holder flange part is thicker than cat40 toolholders.

difference cat40 bt40 tool changer atc

3. The thread for the pull stud (retention knobs) is a different size. BT40 tool holders use metric thread pull studs.

Functionally there is absolutely no advantage or disadvantage. They are equal good. The choice depends on where you live and which tool supplier you prefer. If you live in Asia you probably should have bought a BT40 tool holder kit. If live in American, usually CAT40 tool holder kit is your choice. Also depends on the machine, if your machine use BT40 or CAT40, you should choose the matched model.

CNC tool holder grippers

As the size of CAT40 and BT40 tool holder is totally different, so CNC tool holder tool station clamps for auto tool changer carousel are also different. But CAT40 plastic tool clips and BT40 tool changer fingers are also very similar in appearance. So when you choose to tool holder clip, please check with tool changer manufacturer or consult with the specialist supplier.
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