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6 Most Popular Spare Parts for HOMAG Woodworking Machines

August 13, 2019

 HOMAG machines accessories


6 Most Popular Spare Parts for HOMAG Woodworking Machines

HOMAG Group is a Germany company and founded in 1960. It is the world's leading manufacturer of machines and systems for the wood-processing industry and trades. The HOMAG Group is the world's leading provider of integrated solutions for production in the woodworking industry and the woodworking shops. With a global market share of around 30% and some 6,000 employees, it develops wood processing solutions around the world. They manufacture machines for furniture and component production and timber work at 15 locations. And they operate in over 100 countries and an extensive distribution network.
Needless to say, HOMAG machines are all over the world, so what about HOMAG machine parts? As we know, accessories are critical to our production. Even if a small part is broken, it will affect the normal operation of the machine and further cause losses to the company. Therefore, in order to prevent problems, a certain spare parts reserve is necessary. RICO CNC is able to offer our customers a range of CNC parts for HOMAG machine with competitive price, high quality and quick service.

Here are main parts for HOMAG machine we can supply:

homag weeke HSK F63  plastic fingers
1. HSK63F Tool Holder Forks for Homag
The homag tool clips is easy to found on the Homag Baz series Cnc Working Centre For Boring Routing Edge Banding, BAZ 20/50/18/ /32/40/220/211, CNC Processing Center Venture 115, Panel Processing Center WMP 200/220/240, HOMAG - 5 AXIS BOF 311/60, Homag BOF VANTAGE 12L, WEEKE VANTAGE, etc.

weeke HSK63F tool holders and  clamps
Homag CNC HSK 63F toolholders

2. Homag CNC HSK63F tool holders
The HSK 63F tool holders lead to improved quality and productivity as the tool holders are designed to be perfectly symmetrical, our tool holders are precision balanced to G2.5 specification, 30000-36000RPM, in accordance with DIN69893.

Homag  HSK 63F CNC
homag cnc vacuum pods

3. Homag CNC router vacuum suction blocks:
Schmalz cnc vacuum pods:
VCBL-K2 125x75x100 Q
VCBL-K2 160x115x100
Homag CNC vacuum gaskets
4. CNC vacuum suction blocks rubber gasket for Homag
Vacuum pod covers sizes:
Same as OEM P/N: 4-011-11-0079
Same as OEM P/N: 4-011-11-0196
Same as OEM P/N: 4-011-11-0071
Same as OEM P/N: 4-011-11-0192
Same as OEM P/N: 4-011-11-0340
Suction-Plate for vacuum block top:
VCSP-O 125x75x16.5, Part no.:
VCSP-O 140x115x16.5, Part no.:
VCSP-O 120x50x15.5, Part no.:
ISRPL 130x30x5.5, Part no.:
VCSP-O 120x120x16.5, Part no.:
VCSP-O 140x130x16.5, Part no.:
Suction plate for vacuum block bottom:
VCSP-U 140x115x16.5 VCBL-K1, Part no.:
160x115x16.5 VCBL-K2, Part no.:
Homag edge banding machine pressure wheels
5. Edgebander Pressure Rollers
Size: 70*20*25, 70*18*25, 62*16*24, 65*8*28, 65*8*14, 65*12*28, 65*12*14, etc.

HOMAG edge banding converyor chain pads
6. HOMAG Edgebander Track Pads
Size: 79x61mm,80x50mm, 98x80mm, 80x30mm, etc.

RicoCNC can supply a wide range of woodworking machinery accessories and CNC parts. If you need CNC machine support,
please feel free to contact us.

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